Our club operates as a dynamic team, much like the players on the field. We take pride in being a volunteer-based organization that relies on the passion and commitment of its members to invest their time and energy in fostering the development of our young talents. While our head coaches receive compensation for their expertise, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to equity. At the end of each season, our volunteers, who play a pivotal role in shaping the experiences of our players, share in the successes through a share of the profits. This approach not only emphasizes teamwork and collaboration but also ensures that every member, whether on the field or behind the scenes, is valued and appreciated for their integral role in our club's journey.

Chairman - Suli Williamson

Deputy Chairman - Hafeez Katib

Vice Chairman - Luke Laurent

Treasurer - Shireen Williamson

Club Secretary - Jodie McCarthy

Child Protection & Welfare Officer - Suli Williamson

Player Development Officer - Michael Wilce

Fitness & Agility Head Coach - Luke Laurent

Boys Academy Head Coach - Michael Wilce

Girls Academy Head Coach - Suli Williamson

Tiny Tots Head Coach - Raza Katib

First Aid Officer & Trainer - Jodie McCarthy

Catering Manager - Shireen Williamson

Events Manager - Vacant

Equipment and Kit Management Specialist - Vacant

Sponsorship, Fundraising and Grant Manager - Vacant