Football is not merely a game of collective effort; the finesse of individual players often dictates the outcome. Quality one-on-one football coaching can make a significant difference in how you perform on the field.

We have affiliated ourselves with at UefaEliteCoaching, a football academy that have UEFA B standard coaches so we can offer personalized 121 coaching sessions for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner seeking foundational skills or an advanced player aiming for perfection, we have the expertise to guide you.

We provide customized 121 coaching sessions for individuals of all genders and ages, from boys and girls to men and women. In addition, we offer a range of group training options, from small group sessions to comprehensive full-squad training that includes tactical and formational planning tailored to your club's specific player roster.

For adults desiring a unique and engaging fitness regimen, our 121 coaching sessions serve as a dynamic alternative to your standard gym workouts. Immerse yourself in a series of football-focused personal training sessions.

Feel free to sample our training sessions. If you're not thrilled with the experience, there's no obligation to pay.

Why Opt for 121 Coaching with UefaEliteCoaching.Com?

Team-based training often leans heavily on collective achievements, sidelining the importance of individual skill enhancement. Recognizing and tailoring solutions for individual challenges is the hallmark of a superior coach.

One standout member of our coaching team is Micael Wilce, who currently serves on the Wales National Coaching Team and as a coach for the Leicester City Youth Girls team. Micael brings a dual expertise to our 121 coaching sessions, incorporating advanced techniques and strategies from both elite national and youth perspectives.

Performance Evaluation System at UefaEliteCoaching:

Our performance evaluation is anything but generic; it's a comprehensive, player-centric approach designed to meet your unique needs. Modeled on the robust system employed by Oadby Town FC, our methodology includes:

- Technical Skills Assessment: Cutting-edge digital tools capture real-time data during matches, grading technical skills like successful passes, goals, assists, and tackles.

- Tactical Awareness: Post-match or training sessions involve tactical discussions and quizzes to enhance your understanding of game strategies and formations.

- Physical Attributes: Through standardized tests and wearable trackers, we monitor your stamina, speed, and agility among other physical attributes.

- Psychological Attributes: Coaches gauge attributes like attitude, leadership, communication, and pressure-handling skills.

- Set Piece Execution: We track each set piece's success rate meticulously during training sessions and matches.

- Positional Awareness: Video analysis offers insights into your understanding of space and positioning during matches.

- Goalkeeping Skills: For goalkeepers, specific evaluations consider elements like saves, commands, and distributions.

- Game Impact: Every player’s in-game statistics, such as goals, assists, and tackles, are meticulously recorded.

- Progress Over Time: A comprehensive database visually maps your journey, highlighting your growth in various areas.

- Peer and Coach Feedback: Regular qualitative feedback sessions provide additional perspectives, aiding your overall development.

Thanks to this exhaustive performance evaluation system, we're able to craft customized training programs that pinpoint both your strengths and areas for improvement. The aim is not just to make you a better soccer player but a well-rounded athlete capable of excelling both on and off the field.