Boys Football Academy

Introducing our Boys' Football Academy at Oadby Town FC, where excellence and progress are our top priorities. Led by our seasoned UEFA B licensed coach, Mike Wilce, who currently coaches the LCFC Women's Youth Team, our academy is designed to offer unparalleled coaching quality. We believe that the right guidance from professionals can make a world of difference in a child's football journey. That's why we've secured Coach Mike Wilce to lead our training sessions, ensuring that each child receives top-notch instruction and insights from the best in the field.

To optimize learning and skill development, we maintain smaller groups of around 20 children per session. This allows us to personally engage with each child, explaining drills thoroughly and guiding them in the right direction. Our approach fosters an environment where every child receives the attention they deserve, ensuring their growth is nurtured effectively.

We understand that children have diverse skill levels, which is why we divide our groups into three categories: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. This thoughtful division guarantees that training sessions are tailored to the individual abilities of each child, eliminating any mismatch in skill levels and fostering a positive learning environment.

Our academy is open to boys of all ages, from 3 to 15 years old, and split into age groups based on school years, accommodating children from Foundation to Year 6. We're dedicated to making their introduction to football memorable and enjoyable. At the core of our philosophy is the idea of learning through play. We strive to impart skills beyond football, nurturing children's overall development and growth through engaging and enjoyable classes.

Join us to provide your child with an enriching football experience where they'll learn, grow, and have fun in a friendly and pressure-free environment.